5. October 2016

This is NOT how you should leave your camp

July 2016. Loosing balance to the wrong side of the slope fully loaded looks more funny than it actually is. This was a camp in Vietnam on the Ho Chi […]
7. September 2016

First Year of Travel

May 2016. 1 Biker, 1 Bike, 1 Year, 20 Countries, 30’000 km One year has passed and I am still on the road. From Switzerland I made it to Cambodia in […]
31. August 2016


April 2015. This short video is about testing my new bike the month before I left for my epic road trip around the world.
9. August 2016

Ride to work in Hanoi

August 2016. I made it to Hanoi with no more money left but I was lucky enough though to find a job at KTM Hanoi so I can safe up […]
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