Travel Advice

Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA of Switzerland is my prime site to check about travel advices and safety concerns in foreign countries.
This website is all about travel stories, tips and infos for travelers. They also distribute a wide range of motorcycle adventure documentaries and educational movies.
Do you also plan to go to Iran? You will need to arrange your Visa ahead. Riahi Travel will help you get the required reference number and support you with everything else concerning Iran. They are the absolute experts in Switzerland.

Health and safety

What is kind of important when you do travels like this, is to know your exact blood type in case of emergency. What surprised me is how expensive those tests are. So it crossed my mind that when donating blood they do all kinds of tests. So i went to do a good cause and as side effect my blood got tested for the blood type and various diseases. The staff was very helpful there and i got free drinks and food.
Is your knee fucked up like mine, or even worse? I can recommend you Dr. med. Christopher Schmidt. He is one of the top doctors in knee surgery and a nice guy too.
If you care about safety and protection but still want your freedom of movement there wont be a way around Ortema. This german manufacturer builds best neck braces and orthosis on the market. They are also known for their high-end protectors of back, chest, shoulder, hip to hand and foot joints.
I compared many insurances and Mobiliar was the by far the cheapest and has the best benefits for automobile collision insurance, liability insurance and contents insurance. They also have very friendly and personal support.
I'm bringing the Care Plus first aid kit, the tick remover and the Click-Away bite relieve with me on the journey.
Katadyn makes great water treatment products. I will bring their water filter and water disinfection pills along.


Motorcycle Equipment
Are you looking for the best motorcycle pants ever made? Then I can recommend you The Rokker Company. Their Pants look like jeans but are more than simple jeans, so no one of your friends will notice that in fact you are wearing motorcycle pants when you are having a after-ride beer with them. They are tear resistant and waterproof with the comfort and look of regular pants. Beside pants they make very stylish clothes and accessories.
If you look for the best value for money, get some iXS gear too. I am wearing a X-Coat NEWPORT and X-Helmet HX 207. Their motorcycle and bicycle fashion range of products is just huge. Everyone will find something.
Reifenwerk Heidenau from germany is a small but nice tire manufacturer. Their tires are known for its long lasting performance. How far they will get me we will find out soon.

Camping Gear
Exped is the absolute ne plus ultra in outdoor equipment. Whether you need a tent, hammock, sleeping bag, mattress or backpack this is the brand to go with if you care about attention to detail and superb quality. I have been useing their products since 2012 and they have never let me down. I invite you to have a look at their products and persuade yourself.
For me the australian manufacturer Sea To Summit is the most complete and most affordable brand for awesome outdoor accessories. I love to use their foldable cups, bowls, and plates.
Who doesn't know Vixtorinox? It's the famous Original Swiss Army Knifes made in Switzerland. They produce all kinds of different pocktet knifes for all the different needs. As a true swiss I'm having a few of them with me on the road.
For this trip I'm exclusively using the Esbit alcohol burners. This is the most lightweight option for cooking.

Most of us know GoPro already for its on-board footage. GoPro was the first manufacturer producing small and robust action cameras. Im going to use one of them to record the action of my adventures.
If you need to charge your electronic devices, which you will have to do at a certain point, then Powertraveller is the way to go. Their power banks you can recharge with a solar panel. It really works. I was using Powermonkey Xtreme for the last few years. On this adventure I will switch to the new Powermonkey Expedition to have a more powerful and versatile solution.
For a long time I was looking for a solution how to charge my Macbook Pro on the Motorcycle. Luckily AccuSwiss gave me the perfect solution. They distribute the "KFZ Netzteil für Apple" automobile power supply for apple, which you can plug into any 12V cigarette lighter in the car or motorcycle.
I am working on a lot of video clips and also colecting footage for my documentary film. I know how the audio can make the difference. Thats why I had to find small and good quality microphones. Edutige has exactly what i need to capture my adventures

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