"I admire your courage...Most people get afraid about uncertainty."
Of course I'm afraid, but i think im more afraid to stay here and work a boring job for the rest of my life.

David Kretz

"The World Is Not Enough" is the slogan of this website. Simply put, it means "The journey is the destination." Start and finish are no longer adequate, but the in-between, with all the obstacles, stories and people will be highlighted here, in hope to raise my fellow human beings awareness for the extent of our world.
The days of explorers who have painfully discovered and conquered new worlds with boat and horse are long gone. The dimension of our world has disappeared in today's age of social networking. Every place and person is kept in ones pocket.
A small piece of electronic equipped with a screen provides us insight at the whole world at any time.
Cheap Flights bring us in no time to famous destinations. Thanks to this luxury start and finish are right next to each other, time and distance between them are thereby completely forgotten. No one knows exactly wherefrom and on what detours products get into our household. The media filters only the negative from the world and makes our cozy nest appear as the only safe place to be. What if more people would give insight into the world as it really is? Wouldn't the world be a better place?

27. May 2015 - ?

On the road for 1299 days.

My project is to ride around the world on my bike. Now the time is right to do it. I am healthy, I completed my studies in December 2014 and I’m not tied to one place. From Switzerland, it goes to Southeast Asia. From there to Alaska, South America and then back to Europe.
For most my way of traveling is very unconventional. I prefer to spend the nights under the stars. Like this i sleep very well, but another reason is that I’m trying to get as far as possible with the money I have. So I’m sleeping mostly in my hammock and in the cities I sleep at the locals houses thanks to CouchSurfing. During the trip, I’ll finance myself by doing occasional jobs and by working on my laptop.


The experiences on such trips and people you meet are incredible and sometimes unreal as sprung from a movie or a novel. I will make a documentary series along the way about the adventures I face and people I meet on the road and their influence on the course of my journey.

As equipment I just have a compact camera and a Gopro actioncam, which is drawn faster than a revolver. My experience has shown that the best stories are missed when not having the camera right in the pocket, and attracting too much attention with a big deterrent recording device.
An example of this is the funny discussion in Sulawesi, where I suddenly got caught in a conversation about God and the world with a teacher. All videos my originated without a budget, spontaneously and were edited and published locally by myself. The intuitive aspect should be retained in this project too. As I make the movies alone, I will need a lot of time to edit them.


My name is David. I studied at the ETH Zürich and I am 'Master of Science ETH in Architecture‘.

My life motto is "No Risk, No Fun". I grew up in Switzerland and multilingual. I speak 5 languages fluently. I'm curious how far I can get with German, English, French, Slovak and Hungarian.

Ever since childhood I am passionate about extreme sports. With 12 years I started snowboarding and with 17 downhill mountain biking. Back in 2003 I did my first downhill races. Very soon it got pretty extreme and I built the highest mountain-bike-drop. Although crashed but survived was the jump in 2005 with a vertical height of 16m and a diagonal of 22m a world record. This was followed by countless races and I also became enthusiastic for the disciplines Dirt Jump and Freeride. Backflips and other tricks were a cakewalk to me.
Now I want to take on a new challenge and ride a motorbike around the world. With my background as extreme mountain biker, I'm convinced that I will get through any terrain.
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KTM 690 ENDURO R 2015



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  • Victorinox
  • Heidenau
  • GoPro
  • SeaToSummit
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