22. June 2015
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12. September 2015

I'm the only one without a tent.

June 2015. I left Budapest quite late. This is typical for me since I take too much time to pack and squeeze all my luggage into my boxes and backpack. It’s not unusual for me to pack for 2 hours. It is like playing TETRIS. It has to fit perfectly in the same order like before. If not, it’s game over and I can start over playing the game untill everything fits and the lid of the box can be closed. Therefore I pack carefully that everything comes in the same place without any gaps.

I reached the Hungarian/Serbian border after it got dark. To be honest, I don’t like this feeling to enter a country I have never been before in darkness. Everyone has some kind of perceptions of each country and when one enters a country in darkness its impossible to see if they are true or not. 20 Years ago Serbia was in war and today all the refugees from Syria and other countries are in the news which are waiting at the hungarian border to be let into europe, but getting refused. To the extend that Hungary even started to build a big wall to protect themselves from the flood of refugees.

So this was what I knew from the media. You can imagine my unpleasant feeling when I reached the serbian border in the middle of the night and police cars drove past me with their sirens on. After passing the border I had no idea where I was going, so i just looked at the map on my phone to find a forest near by where i could camp away from civilisation. The forest I rode in was just at the border line. I was fearing that I would have to share my forest with other refugees. Luckily no one was there and nobody saw me going there. I had no idea if the Serbs were friendly people or not since it was my first time there. Because of that I was hoping not to meet anyone before daylight.

The next morning I was surprised to wake up in a beautiful country. I continued my way to Belgrade where I was trying to find a couchsurfing meeting on the Sava river peninsula. Unfortunately I couldn’t find that group but I met other fantastic people and motorbike fans. The next few days Milan and Milos showed me around their city and took me to some ride-outs. Milos and Tamara even invited me to their house to sleep over. Therefore they sent their son to the grandma, so I had my own room. What a wonderful hospitality. Those are the moments which make up all the struggles on a journey like that. I found friends for a lifetime.

And again I stayed longer in a place than planned. After some days it was time to say goodbye and continue towards Kosovo. In the mountainous way south I came across a group of Slovak motorcyclist. It got late afternoon and none of us had any idea where to stay overnight. I proposed them to camp together somewhere on the top of the mountain around the Kopaonik ski resort. The resort was deserted since it was closed for summer. It was not hard to find a quiet place to have drunk talks around the fire. Next morning I was off to a new unexplored country; The Republic of Kosovo.

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